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Old Navy Summer Shorts Party

As a member of Crowdtap, I received 4 coupons...3 for friends and one for me. Each coupon was good for a pair of shorts, a top (any kind), and an accessory from Old Navy. The only restriction I noticed on it, was that you couldn't get any clearance stuff. What a shame, right? I was going to have to be completely current and up to date for once.

While still getting used to the idea of not shopping on the clearance racks, my friends and I went to Old Navy to find some outfits. We had a lot of fun picking stuff out and trying it on...trying our hardest to decide on only one outfit.

After spending quite a while shopping, (mostly deciding on which accessory to get), we finally made it to the registers. My friends were in the process of handing over the coupons, when one cashier says, "You can't use this yet." What?! He had noticed that the dates on it said June 20-July 4th. (We went a week before the 20th). What a bummer! I read those coupons at least a dozen times, along with several other people, and none of us noticed the dates!

At the same time this new reality is setting in, we give the cashiers all of our items that we had put so much care into choosing. Mine consisted of the cutest earth-tone-ish 'if khaki was a purple color' shorts that looked like these, only a different color, a colorful and very pretty artsy kind of 'side of a face' shirt that I can't seem to find a link to now, and a gorgeous rose ring that took forever to decide on. As we were walking out, we made plans to come back a week later and pick the same items. 

Well, the next week (finally) comes and we went back to Old Navy. When we get inside, we go to our previous choices, only to find that our size is nowhere to be found or that they are now marked as clearance items. Disappointed, and no longer wanting to video the shopping trip, we go to our "second choice" stuff. Same thing. In fact, it was the same thing all through the store. Everything had been completely picked over. Again...bummer!

We had such a hard time finding stuff that we liked (and fit), that it put a dark cloud over the whole shopping trip. I felt like someone had rained on my parade. No wonder we had to wait until the 20th...they were phasing this stuff out and getting ready for the next shipment of stuff!

Although I now know why they wanted us to wait to use the coupons, I do wish we could have gone a little sooner to get our outfits. Maybe then, we would have at least had a chance at getting something we really wanted. Instead, I ended up getting some regular jean shorts, a tank top and a set of cute purple bead stretch bracelets. I like them alright, but I would have loved my first or second choice things.

Even though we had to pick through what looked like the afternoon remains of a rummage sale, I am glad that I got to go to the store for a little shopping trip with my wonderful friends. And besides, how much can you justifiably complain about $45 worth of free stuff? Free is always a great deal.