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How to Prevent Impulse Shopping

Posted by SuperMomSurveys on March 7, 2015 at 11:35 AM

How to prevent impulse shopping


During a recent girls night the subject of shopping, of course, came up. But thanks to all of us being somewhat budget constrained it was actually a conversation about how we AVOID shopping, or rather how we avoid overspending while shopping. After the girls headed home I realized that no matter who you are or how tight your budget, overspending is a sin that we are ALL guilty of. I read a few posts on where I can always find some good advice on the matter and made a list of the tricks all of us have used to prevent our impulse shopping.


1. Never go into a store when you are hungry – EVER

Seriously, it doesn’t even matter WHAT you are going to the store to buy. When you are hungry, your resistance to overspending is practically nonexistent! Rather grab something to eat first, just enough to fill the hole and you’ll find that impulse buying is a lot easier to control.

2. Make a list of EXACTLY what you need and stick to it

Keep a running list of things that have been finished during the week/month. The day before you actually do your shopping go through every cupboard or draw and add the things that are running low. You can even add your wish list items – like that delicious ice cream they’ve been advertising all week!

3. Buy groceries according to a ‘menu’

Instead of just buying things and then having to plan meals around what you have – rather plan your meals in advance. First I check what I still have available, then I plan meals around it. Got a whole box of cereal – make sure you have enough milk, got potatoes – buy ground beef and make homemade burgers and fries!

4. Plan how much you have to spend and how you are going to make payment beforehand

First you need to evaluate – are you a person who spends cash frivolously and finds it difficult to swipe a card or are you more likely to hang onto cash and swipe a card. Whichever one you find more difficult to do – that’s the one you use! I personally like prepaid credit cards – I load exactly so much on it and once that’s finished – well you get it!

5. Plan your shopping trip

Now it’s time to pull out those coupons you’ve collected and check them against the items on your list. If there’s an item on your list that you don’t have a coupon for then check online to see if you can’t find one there. As much as possible try to stick to a single store for all your shopping – if there are similar deals from different stores, use the coupon from the store where you can get most of, if not all the rest of the items on your list as well.


Put all the coupons that you are going to be using for this shopping trip into its own envelope, along with the card or cash you’ve set aside and then you’re ready to go. One last word of advice that I found on Discountrue some time ago, and which turned out to be a savior for me countless times – as difficult as it is, avoid even LOOKING at the product displays by the checkouts! They are traps designed to promote impulse buys but you are stronger than them!!!

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