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What To Know When Traveling

Posted by SuperMomSurveys on November 13, 2014 at 10:30 AM

While traveling, what do you need to take care of?


With a happy family trip coming your way soon, you need to know what is important and should


be done before, during and after traveling.


Let’s start with the tips to remember before traveling.


1. Confirmation for air tickets: Many a times, people book tickets online but forget to print a

    confirmation of their tickets. This results in unnecessary delay and you have to rush from

    one corner to the other. Don’t make it difficult for yourself. Just print a confirmation and

    keep it in your purse or your travel bag.

2. Clothes: If you are traveling to a cold place, get clothes that keep you warm. Similarly, if

    you are going to a place that is expected to be hot and humid, you need to keep easy

    clothes in your bag. If you are planning to buy some for self or loved ones, here are

    some nordstrom promo codes so that you buy the clothes as per your need.

3. Reach the airport before time: It is suggested that you pack your bags and reach the

    airport before time. There is a hidden objective in this. If you pack your bags early, you

    will have an hour or so handy to re-think whether you need anything else or you are

    done with the packing.


Tips while traveling:


1. Keep your valuables safe: Being in an unknown territory, you need to keep your items

    safe and secure. This is important because there are a number of places where people

    are robbed in daylight even. Yes, the officials will be there to help you, but being a

    tourist, it is your responsibility to guard yourself to some extent.

2. Know the place: Traveling to another place, you need to know that where are you going

    to stay, the hotel, rooms, nearby areas, landmarks, and other related stuffs. Using GPS

    can help you locate areas and ‘must-visit’ places easily.

3. Click pictures: Create memories. You may never visit this place again. So, create as

    many memories as you want. It will help you smile when you go back home.

4. Eat healthy food: Be picky while eating food. Treat yourself and your loved ones with the

    special items available there, but make sure you don’t harm yourself with the spicy or

    unhealthy food items in there.


Tips after coming back from the tiring journey:


1. Relax: Plan your travel in a way that when you come back, you have a couple of days to

    rest. Call it jet lag or the after effects of a tiring journey, but you need to rest so that you

    can get back to work without any backaches or stressed muscles. Getting a massage is

    a good way to relax.

2. Move around in your locality: Get the ‘welcome back’ feel so that you are no more in the

    holiday mood. Get up and get back to work so that you can enjoy yet another holiday,


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