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How to Create An Organized Home

Posted by SuperMomSurveys on April 27, 2021 at 9:30 PM



Tired of always feeling tired, stretched too thin, and stressed out as you try to manage your home? If you use home management tips to your advantage, it can help you create a system that will help eliminate stress and leaves you with a cleaner and more organized home. Managing a home is definitely a full-time job. Managing a home is a full-time job all by itself. Between cleaning, organizing, cooking, paying bills, running errands, and completing small repairs, all the tasks that are necessary for home management consume an entire day. Add in a stressful life change, such as moving, and you might be thrown for a loop!

 If you don’t have any systems in place, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of it. I would know because I have definitely felt that way over the years. But, after some fine-tuning and brainstorming, I am now sharing my top tips to help you keep an organized home, even with a big life change, such as moving, put on your plate!

1. To-Do Lists

One of the things I discovered early on when I started managing our home was that I couldn’t make it work without to-do lists. There are just so many things that come up and need to be addressed but also get forgotten in the busy-ness of life.

 Life happens. The washing machine needs to be repaired. The grass gets long and full of weeds. The heat won’t turn on. Your son needs his baseball uniform washed pronto.

 When it comes to managing a household, let’s face it: the To-Do list is extensive. That’s why it helps to get all the tasks out of your brain and on paper so that they aren’t using up precious memory space or energy just to remember them.

Make a to-do list and stick to it!

2. Cleaning Routine Checklist

Certain cleaning tasks must be done daily, and some need to be done regularly but less frequently (weekly, monthly, etc). Staying on top of these tasks is the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling like you’ve got everything under control.

Daily Chores

  • Here are a few examples of chores that need to be done daily in order to help you stay on top of them:
  • Made beds
  • Wiping down the kitchen after use
  • Sorting through the mail or papers from school that come home
  • A load of laundry
  • Put shoes and clothes away each day
  • Sweep the floors
  • Wash dishes

This was just a list of examples. If you have other daily chores, add them to the list!

Weekly Chores

This list might include things like:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning the bathrooms
  • Changing bed sheets

And so on. Again, feel free to modify this list based on how often you want certain chores done.

Monthly Chores

Some ideas of monthly chores (or tasks) might include: 

  • Do a monthly clean cycle for your washing machine
  • Run a monthly clean cycle for your dishwasher
  • Change your furnace filter
  • Clean bedrooms
  • Dust blinds and ceiling fans

In other words, if you want to keep your home clean without spending all weekend long cleaning it, do a little at a time - consistently. The effort goes a long way and reduces those feelings of overwhelm that engulf you when you look around at a filthy house.

3. Calendar

Do you remember when your next dentist appointment is scheduled? How about when the A/C repair guy is coming? Your daughter’s orthodontist appointment? Or your husband’s work party? What about all of the details of your move, if you are going through that, as well?

 Life flows at a breakneck speed these days, which means that you are often hearing about (or scheduling) events that your brain doesn’t retain as it’s also trying to remember 9,738 other things.

 Keep a calendar handy. Whether you use a trusty paper version or a calendar on your smartphone, having an updated calendar always at your fingertips is huge for helping you keep track of all. The. Things.

 Tip: if you use a calendar in your smartphone, take advantage of the feature that allows you to set alerts. I always set alerts for my events - sometimes multiple alerts if I think I might forget about an event - so that I am not too distracted and “forget” where I need to be!

4. Meal Plan & Prep

Meal planning is one of the easiest and most impactful home management tasks you can do. Really, it’s your secret weapon.

 It literally shaves hours of work off your week and eliminates the daily frantic struggle to come up with a dinner plan (and get it made in time while also running soccer carpool and helping with homework).

 Here are some other benefits to meal planning:

  • It limits the number of trips (and time spent) going to the grocery store
  • It saves money by eliminating aimless grocery shopping
  • It’s healthier (and cheaper) for your family because you spend less on unplanned take out or drive through meals.

Learn how to do easy weekly meal planning and save yourself the headaches and stress of figuring out what’s for dinner each night.

Now, the next time you hear the question that used to spark dread in your heart, you can answer what’s for dinner without any hesitation (or scrambling)!

5. Get Finances in Order

Part of managing a home is keeping track of finances and paying the bills. Having a clear picture of the money that comes into the household and where it flows is crucial for a smooth-running home.

 Get your finances in order by setting a budget and sticking to it.

6. Develop A System For Organization

If being organized doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s ok. There are certain things you can do to make your home more organized in a way that fits your personality.

 If you take a look at organizational systems that professional home organizers use, you can adapt them to your own home so that they work for you.

 Here are a couple of gems to help you get started:

  • Designate a “home” for everything - when everything has a place where it belongs and is in that spot, there is no clutter. “A place for everything and everything in its place” as the saying goes.
  • Use baskets, bins and other storage containers to create organized (and designated) places for everything. Label them to keep them organized.


7. Create Routines

People naturally crave routines, so build routines that fit your personality and help you stay on track. When you have a backbone for your day, it’s easier to stay on task and be productive than when you’re moving aimlessly from task to task.

 Use your daily tasks, your frequent appointments, and other commitments to establish a daily routine that helps you


8. Use Companies In Your Area To Help You

If you are being pulled thin in many directions, you might benefit from using companies (or people) to help you navigate your life changes, such as moving. Using a professional moving company such as, Our Truck Moving, can help take things off your plate, so that you can put your focus on other tasks. Even if you are not moving, but need help with an appliance or furniture delivery from an appliance delivery service in Garland TX, they can help! Our Truck Moving prides themselves on offering affordable, dependable, and trustworthy service, no matter if they are helping you with a full blown move, labor only services, or appliance and/or furniture delivery. You cannot do it all on your own all the time, so make sure you utilize the companies in your area that can help!




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