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GUEST POST: The Effects of Music During Pregnancy

Posted by SuperMomSurveys on August 12, 2015 at 9:55 AM

The Effects Of Music During Pregnancy


There is a great deal of child development that takes place before your child has even entered the world. By the time your unborn child is ten weeks old, they will already be moving their limbs and by the time the third trimester rolls around, the child can not only hear your voice, but also taste your food.


A number of studies have shown that exposure to music while in the womb can help the development process. It's quite convenient to get music cds and other aids at budget prices when you use 10% off coupon codes for overstock.com, so it's not difficult to implement this kind of activity. However, while research has proven that children are able to hear sounds clearly during pregnancy and that the amniotic fluid is a quality sound conductor, the specific effects of music on a child during a pregnancy can be difficult to ascertain, for obvious logistical reasons.


Experts are split on the effects of music during pregnancy, with some believing that there are quantifiable long term effects, while others are opposed to the idea. Since there is no medical consensus as to whether music helps a fetus or simply serves as an annoyance, it is important to play music in a cautious manner.


The effects are most often realized when the mother is able to relax and unwind by listening to soothing, relaxing music. When the mother is able to relax, the fetus is able to, as well. The benefits that the child experiences as a result of their mother's musical choices are purely coincidental.


Another school of thought believes that a mother should rest a set of headphones directly on her stomach. This is a major misconception and there is no need to do so. You do not have to turn up the volume in order for your child to enjoy what you are listening to. Music that is played at normal volume on a stereo can be heard just as easily.


If you are going to play music for your child during pregnancy, the best choice is classical. The range of notes used in most classical music can be arranged in a manner that resembles a lullaby, which will soothe the child. Any music that is harsh or excessively aggressive, including heavy metal and hardcore rap, should be avoided, as they are not soothing to an unborn child.


The last thing a mother wants to do is startle her baby. While there is very little evidence to suggest that music has a strong effect during pregnancy, a mother's relaxation and comfort is incredibly important to the child's development. So, even if the child is not experiencing any direct effects as a result of listening to music during pregnancy, they are able to reap the benefits of a happy and healthy mother.

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