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Am I the Only One That Reads School Policy?

Posted by SuperMomSurveys on April 28, 2015 at 9:55 AM

I know you've probably seen all of the "my kid got sent home from school because of her clothes" stories that have been everywhere lately.  I've been seeing them and reading them.  I know you have been too.  You may even be like, "That is so unfair", or maybe you agree with the ones that say, "Teach the boys to not look at girls that way". 

Now, I don't usually do this sort of thing on my site, but I have to say something.  I've been biting my tongue long enough.

The fact is, those kids (most of the time) should have been sent home because of their clothes.  There have been a very small handful of the stories that I couldn't find anything wrong with the outfits...particularly the prom dresses.  That said, the rest were very clearly in violation of the school's dress code.  School policy doesn't change just because you think the outfit is cute, or that your child wears it well and you think it's "tasteful", or if you're one of those that think rules change when it comes to your kid. 

Rules, for the most part, are made simply because people have given them a reason to be put into place.  That should be what the discussion is about, not the clothes and how you think it's unfair that you allowed your kid to break the rules by wearing something that's against policy and they got caught.  I know what probably just popped up in your head when I said that...Maybe something along the lines of "Other girls break the rules all the time".  I'm reminded of the times my mother has asked me if I would jump off of a bridge if that's what everyone else is doing.  The answer?  No, of course I wouldn't...and you shouldn't either.  It takes some kind of ego and self-righteousness and sense of entitlement to think that you could do something, that's so clearly spelled out as NOT okay, and fight against it when you get caught and have to suffer the consequences.

Actions have consequences.  I learned that pretty early on in life, (thanks Momma).  I also learned that the world does not revolve around me.  That's some very grounding and important lessons to be taught.  They help you to be a little humble and treat other people with respect.  To be a productive member of society.  Once you learn that you are not the center of the universe and that something will happen because of everything you do, (whether good or bad), you learn to make better decisions.  That's called life.   The better your decisions, the better quality of life.  Newflash:  Drama is NOT essential to life.

The whole reason this is coming up is because of all those stories around for a while now.  The latest one being the little girl having to wear a tshirt over her dress and jeans underneath, because of her spaghetti strap sundress.  It just made me so mad to think that there are those people out there that think they need to be in the spotlight because they got told that the rules do, in fact, apply to them.  I don't know about yours, but my kids' school handbook CLEARLY states that spaghetti straps are NOT allowed.  Not only that, but if your child wears a dress or skirt, they have to wear shorts underneath.  I don't understand where the debate comes in.  I mean, would you rather they call you to bring a change of clothes for her, or just give her something to fix the problem.  I know the parents at our school don't like their day interrupted for something so trivial, unless it's a request from their kid.  When something like that happens at our school, they get sent to the nurse to see if there are extra clothes they can put on.  If not, then they call the parents. Of course, we are also instructed to have a change of clothes in the kids' backpacks for accidents and situations like this.  Something of their own that they can wear if they need to change for whatever reason.  I know that our school nurse's office has a limited supply of extra clothes for kids to wear.  I'm sure if they had shorts and one of those cute little half top thing that covers the shoulders and ties in front, they would have done that instead of the tshirt and jeans.  They are not here to humiliate your child...they're just here to be there for your kids and fix problems when they come up.  When the rules are followed correctly, situations like this just don't occur easily.

The other story that was what pushed me into ranting on my site is this one:

She has pink in her hair to remember her grandmother, who died of breast cancer, and for her cousin, who is having surgery because of it.  While the reasoning is noble, it is still against the rules.  The rules don't change because you think your reason is good enough to get around it.  Now, don't bite my head off over this one.  I support breast cancer by wearing pink...things like that.   All I'm saying, is why couldn't she dress in pink, from head to toe?  Wear the pink ribbon?  Hell, if they really want to give support, how about not being lazy about it and get together with the school's principle and maybe organizing some sort of fundraiser that supports a foundation for breast cancer, or even just a certain day where everyone wears something pink, (even as simple as a ribbon), to help support it. Or maybe a race between the kids at school for it?  My kids' school does that every year.

I just think that people have become way more, "It's all about me", when it should be, "We're in this together" or "Let's work together to make a better world".

What do you think?

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