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Four New Ideas for Stocking Your Kids' Stockings on the Cheap

Posted by SuperMomSurveys on January 3, 2014 at 3:55 PM

Four New Ideas for Stocking Your Kids' Stockings on the Cheap

It’s the period when we parents need to band together to make some inventive ideas to please the tikes while not busting the checking account into smithereens. Please send these people to me, my kids are present-loving fiends, if you have ideas! No matter, I’ve had years of experience, and that i know that my kids demand intriquing, notable and creative gifts each year, so I’ve gained the ability to stretch the realm of possibilities when it comes time and energy to stuff the stockings with weird yet acceptable gifts. Take some advice from me if you want, but please make sure you offer me your own!

1. Penny Candies

It may seem the days of penny candy is gone, however, you can still believe it is if you are savvy. The best part is it’s fun and funny, the names of the candies have gotten crazy, and they also fill up a lot of space. So, you can get a great deal of candy for cheap, and fill that stocking up to the brim. The best thing is the candy itself is so gross your kids probably won’t even wish to eat it so you won’t have the guilt that evening of giving your young ones a bunch of candy that will rot their teeth. So, stock up and complete that stocking!

2. Actual Coal

If you’ve been bad, so what better way to produce a few laughs on Christmas Morning rather than to have Santa actually fill the kids’ stockings with coal, It’s a joke that Santa may leave coal inside your stocking? Coal can be had for free or cheap and you simply shove a bunch within the toe and whenever the kids go to get it, all excited for that mystery of what’s on hand, they come forth with coal and a hand blackened by the burnt wood leftover. They’ll be both amused and horrified, especially because no doubt you will have gotten them some actual good gifts. Please, don’t only get them coal. That’s a bad idea.

3. Crazy Cheap Footwear

It may be crazy, but you will get bowling shoes cheap and you then shove them in the stocking. Yes, this can be outside the box thinking, but when your kid pulls out one and then another bowling shoe from your stocking, they are surprised, a lttle bit shocked, and all sorts of around amused at the creative idea to the stocking stuffer. At warehouse websites like, you’ll be very impressed how cheap a new pair of shoes can be. It’ll be fun and funny for the whole family!

4. Five for a Dollar T-Shirts

It’s not particularly green or socially conscionable but you can get a ton of cheap t-shirts currently, especially on Venice Beach at those kiosks they have got. Get your kids a bunch of those shirts which are like 10 for two dollars and say hilarious things on them, wad them up into balls, and start stuffing those stockings. Your kids won’t know what to consider when it’s time to hit the stockings and get whatever they think will probably be games and candy, instead it’s a whole new wardrobe. And heck, they may actually like the t-shirts! That’d be icing in the money-saving cake!

Disclosure:  This was a sponsored guest post.

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