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How Different Online Cartoon Games Influence a Child Positively

Posted by SuperMomSurveys on November 19, 2012 at 7:55 AM

How Different Online Cartoon Games Influence a Child Positively

When you watch Tom and Jerry, or any kind of cartoon, you get involved with the characters and the universe in which they live. Playing online cartoon games based on those characters and that universe, helps children to explore the show they love; to interact with it and to enjoy it even more.

Online cartoon games can also develop certain skills for children – for example, memory and pattern recognition. There are puzzle games; there are games that require co-ordination. When children watch Tom and Jerry, they get to enjoy the show. When they play games featuring Tom and Jerry, or indeed any games featuring their favourite cartoon characters, they are able to interact and expand these skill sets using the carefully designed gaming worlds built by the programmers.

Choosing the different games your child plays can help you to control the different kinds of skill sets they get to flex. Though if you follow the time honoured principle of letting your child follow the avenues he or she is most interested in, then you’re more likely to let him or her find the learning tools he or she is most likely to benefit from. After all, a child doesn’t usually pay much attention to stuff – and that includes computer games – that he or she is not interested in.

Children, like adults, need time to relax and play Indeed, play time is more important for children even than for adults, as this is when kids learn social skills, coordinative skills and other vital life abilities. Relaxing is good for mental health and wellbeing, and can lead to a more positive mental attitude for the child in question.

So when you let a child watch Tom and Jerry, or play games based on cartoon characters, you are not just letting him or her take some time out, relax and enjoy himself or herself. You are also making sure that he or she has the right balance between doing homework, going to school, and having the kid equivalent of some me time.

Playing cartoon games online is as harmless as deciding to watch Tom and Jerry online. One of the major worries for parents whose children like online gaming is exactly what they are playing. By steering a child towards playing games based on the cartoons he loves or she loves (which basically just means letting him or her play the games he or she sees advertised on the website from which he or she gets his or her cartoons), it’s possible to ensure a wholesome online gaming experience.

Cartoon based games have no blood and guts and no glamorisation of breaking the law. Here are no 18 rated games based on cartoons, just as there are no 18 rated episodes of Tom and Jerry. So you don’t even need to worry about whether the parental lock is working properly. You just get on with what you’re doing while the kids, upstairs or in the lounge or wherever they are, enjoy the chance to watch Tom and Jerry or play some games.

About the Author:

AJ is associated with cartoon network community and she loves to impart her knowledge on kids games via her articles. She believes, when you watch Tom and Jerry, or any kind of cartoon, you get involved with the characters and the universe in which they live.

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