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A Girl for All Time

 What are the biggest frustrations that parents face when it comes to children today?

Okay, so perhaps that’s a little too general, if we were going to list every single thing that we find frustrating then we’d probably have a list that would go on forever.

One of the biggest, however, that might not get a lot of thought on a day-to-day basis, is how bad the market for age appropriate girls toys actually is. If you have a daughter, it seems like they leave their baby and pre-school toys behind, and the next deluge of products involves makeup or a focus on materialistic things, which isn’t great at such an early age.

Thankfully, we discovered A Girl for All Time, unique doll makers that could help parents of girls everywhere to deal with their toy buying frustrations once and for all. 

More Than a Doll 

The great thing about A Girl for All Time is that, although they sell brilliant dolls, they are so much more than that. Amelia and Matilda – the girls’ names – have their own characters and a story behind who they are. The retailer website even features the two girls’ blogs as well as quirky cupcake recipes.

Primarily, however, Amelia and Matilda are fabulous, age appropriate toys ideal for girls between the ages of 6 – 12. Once they become perhaps a little too young for teenage girls, however, they can also double as an excellent collectible item. 

Plus Points 

The dolls from A Girl for All Time work as great toys due to a combination of their charm, what they stand for, as well as how they expand into novels and keepsake books, so that our children can really connect with them and we can be happy that they are learning while they have so much fun. The quality of the dolls is great, too, meaning that whether they are used as a collectible display item or are played with vigorously, they will stand the test of time.

Above all else, however, perhaps the biggest benefit is the way the dolls, as well as the novels and keepsake books on offer from A Girl for All Time enable us as parents to engage with our children and spend that quality time interacting with them and encouraging them to unlock their imaginative, creative side.

Finding ourselves with a choice between a Barbie doll or a games console should be made a thing of the past thanks to A Girl for All Time, a fantastic option for parents everywhere looking to promote intelligent play for their children.

A Girl For All Time provide award-winning dolls, novels and keepsake books that bring the past to life with cool fashions, exciting stories and original activities to share with friends and family.

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.