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I know you guys have probably seen the "Endorse me on Sverve" badge over to the right side of the page.  If you've been curious about it, you're in luck!  My purpose for this post is to tell you all about it!


I found and joined Sverve about 3 weeks ago or so.  I immediately fell in love!


When you sign up for a free account, (you must be a blogger), you instantly have access to a ton of campaigns that match the type of blog or website you have.  You can easily apply for each campaign that interests you and if the company likes your profile, they will engage you.  This means that they will accept your application for the job.


There are all types of campaigns...some are sponsored posts, reviews, copy and paste posts, informational posts, etc.. 


I have been engaged in about 7 campaigns from 6 companies so far, (one company engaged me a second time), and I've made a nice chunck of change.  I am also in the middle of a product review for a product that I have to use for 8 weeks before I post a review.  I plan on using my monies to improve my site and buy my daughter's school supplies and oldest is starting Kindergarten this year!


I got engaged for my first campaign on my 2nd day on the site.  I spent the first day applying to all the campaigns I was interested in.  Now I am being approved for about 2-3 campaigns per week on average. 


Want to sign up and get started?


Just go on over to Sverve to get your free account.




For Product Reviews and Giveaways



Want to review some hair care products?  nuNAAT likes to hook up with bloggers/vloggers!  Go check them out an click on the link.  A box will pop up for you to fill out.




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